Our goal at Rent A Racecar is to introduce you to short track racing, and allow you to have fun without spending thousands of dollars on your own car, truck and trailer, spare parts, etc. For some it is the realization of a childhood dream, for others just the beginning of a lifelong hobby.

How much is a rental?

Rentals start at $700. All rentals require a $500 damage deposit.

What is included in my rental?

Custom fitting and setup to the racecar in the week before your rental. Use of the race car for the race event. Required personal safety equipment (helmet, firesuit, gloves). Fuel and Tires Transportation of the racecar to and from the track for your use.

What is not included in my rental?

Admission to the pit/paddock area on race day (required). In car video (available for an extra charge). Additional safety equipment, such as Nomex underwear or Head and Neck Safety Devices. Admission for friends/family.

What is the damage deposit?

We require a damage deposit from all renters. If the car is undamaged at the end of the night, you get your deposit back (or can use it toward another rental). If the car or parts of the car are damaged in the race, you may have to forfeit some or all of your damage deposit.

So I get charged if I scrape the paint?

No. The damage deposit applies to parts we need to repair or replace for the next renter. Wheels, radiator, damage to the suspension or frame, that sort of thing. We deduct damage from your deposit up to the full amount. Minor incidents do not count against your deposit.

I got in a wreck but it wasn’t my fault! Do I still lose my damage deposit?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of short track racing. The good news is that your liability is capped at $500. If you owned the car yourself and wrecked it, in most instances it would cost you much more than that to repair – especially when it comes to frame damage.

What if the car has a mechanical issue?

Things happen. Provided the damage wasn’t caused my misuse or carelessness on your part, you won’t lose your deposit. We may need to have you come back for your rental on a different night.

What if it rains?

If it rains the track may choose to reschedule or cancel the event. We will work with you to reschedule your rental. Because we schedule based on the race date, the next scheduled race may be fully booked. We advise renting earlier in the season if possible, giving you more options to re-book with us.

Do I have to know how to drive stick?

No. All our cars are equipped with automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions are legal, but racers have found that automatic transmissions are actually faster at Stafford.

How fast do the cars go?

Cars in this division at Stafford top out between 80 and 90 mph at the end of the straightaway. It doesn’t sound fast, but when you consider you’re inches away from other cars at that speed, it certainly doesn’t feel slow.

350 Horsepower? I have more than that in my street car!

That may be true, but keep in mind the point of stock car racing is that the cars are not just fast, but equal. The rule books are designed to keep the cars competitive for everyone, and in an entry level division a 500 horsepower engine is unnecessary and not cost effective. Our cars use either the Chevrolet “602” circle track crate engine, or a 305ci high compression small block Chevy that makes a similar amount of power. These engines are not street engines. They are designed to regularly turn around 6200RPM and can cost anywhere from $4000-$8000. Yes, your street car may make more horsepower and may cost less, but It is more expensive to create as much reliable power as possible while following a rule book.

Do I get a spotter?

No. At this level of competition, spotters are not permitted. You will have a radio tuned to Race Control at the speedway. They will let you know if there is a caution on the speedway and help you get lined up in the proper position for restarts. They will advise individual cars as-needed (If someone needs to pit due to damage, leaking, blocking, driving unsafely or too aggressively, or need to move over for the leaders coming by), but they do not tell individual cars if they are “clear” when passing, or tell you lap-by-lap information.

What about pit stops?

Pit stops are not allowed in the Street Stock division at Stafford Motor Speedway. If you encounter a problem, are black flagged, or otherwise ordered to pit road, your race is over. If something happens in practice or qualifying, your car will be pushed or towed back to the paddock where the Rent A Racecar team will do their best to fix any issues for the next on-track session.

What happens if I wreck the car?

If you suffer an impact on the race track, you are required to visit the ambulance in the infield to be checked out. This is mandatory by track policy.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be at least 16 to rent. Minors are required to have a parent or guardian sign a release form when they arrive at the track.

Can I get hurt?

Rent A Racecar takes every reasonable precaution to make sure you are safe. All our cars are inspected by tech officials before they are allowed on the speedway. We provide all the mandatory safety gear required by the track. However, you are racing, and racing can be a dangerous sport. Yes, you can definitely get hurt.

Do I win any money?

Any purses paid by the track go to the car owner (Rent A Racecar). We put that toward defraying the cost of renting to keep our up front prices as low as possible for you, the renter.

Is my car fast enough to win?

This is a difficult question to answer. Racing is unpredictable, and on any given night anything can happen. Our cars – with experienced drivers – are generally capable of racing inside the top 10. They are competitive race cars. However, they are intentionally set up to be forgiving to novice drivers – not set up to squeeze every tenth of speed from the car. Some of our cars are faster than others, and you may get an opportunity to race in one of our more aggressive cars if you do well as a first-timer.

That sounds like no?

It is important to have realistic expectations. Racing may look easy, but it is a skill that requires a lot of practice to be successful. It is NOT like driving on the highway. You will be racing against other drivers that have years, and possibly decades of racing experience. It is unlikely you would beat a seasoned veteran in your first, fifth, or tenth start. But as we said, anything can happen.

So, what if I win?

You get a trophy, a victory lane celebration, an interview with the track announcer, and the opportunity to do a Carl Edwards style back-flip in the infield. You don’t get to do a burnout – it’s against track rules and you’ll be fined.

Can I bring a sponsor?

There is some limited space available on our cars for an individual sponsor. Check with us on size and space available. I raced and I loved it.

Now what?

We’re happy to rent to you again, maybe a little faster car or a different track to try out. Recommend us to your friends. We have multiple cars so it’s possible to race against each other on the same night. If you decide to pursue a racing career with a car of your own, we can advise you on decisions about what cars will best suit your budget and skill level. We can help you find a good used car, or our in house fabrication team, RAR Chassis, can build you a brand new one.